Saturday, 10 October 2015

IoT : Fun with Raspberry Pi - PART 1

I just bought a Raspberry PI few weeks back and I was having lot of fun playing with it. Hence thought of sharing with everyone some of the fun projects I am doing with it.

Part 1: Getting/Setting up the Hardware/Software

First of all I ordered a Raspberry PI board online for $35 + $5 for memory card that came with Raspbian OS ( preinstalled on the Memory card.

Some of the things that did not come with it and I had to buy separately.

1) Memory card (8GB Micro SD card) to boot the Raspberry PI.
2) Power supply adapter with Micro USB cable (5V and 2.1 Amps)
3) Additional Memory card (32GB Micro SD card) to try out Windows 10 IOT
4) HDMI cable to connect it to my existing HDTV
5) Wifi Adapter to connect to my home network
6) Case for Raspberry PI
7) Ethernet cable to connect to my router (Wifi adapter I had was not working initially)

Keep checking this blog for more upcoming details.

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